I started my journey in Health & Wellness over 20 years ago. I became a State Licensed Cosmetologist but quickly realized I couldn’t use the chemical laden personal care / beauty products due to a series of skin & scalp reactions. I then became Lead Holistic Health & Beauty Educator at a Health Food Store / Salon in New York. I was then educating clients on cleaner & greener health & beauty options that delivered results. I was on Nutritional Insights which was a local radio show educating & sharing information on the importance of knowing what we put on our body is just as important as what we put in it.

In my search for effective natural skincare I created GinzTonix all natural deodorants, body oils & balms. I made them for myself and family members as a healthier , chemical free option for us to use on a daily basis. I now have my GinzTonix all natural bodycare in a few health food stores and boutiques.
Researching and looking for relief for a family member who was facing surgery and in a great deal of pain, set me on a path of finding on alternatives for pain management. I found safe, drugfree alternatives such as dpl® Light therapies & MassageEnergy worked and had to share so others could get relief. I then continued my education and became a NESTA ( National Exercise & Sports Trainer Assoc. ) Certified Wellness Coach. I then opened GinzTonix Wellness Room in Lafayette NY to help others with overall health & wellness.

"We can’t control everything but we can choose products that are a healthier options to use on our bodies everyday. Cleaner, Greener options that are effective and affordable I put here to help you navigate the natural.”

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Ginnie O'Brien
Certified Wellness Coach

NESTA | National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association
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