LED Technologies, Inc – Clinical Study Information
​In a clinical study to determine the efficacy of the dpl® Therapy System, 13 subjects received dpl® Light Therapy treatments over 10 weeks.
  • 100% of the subjects reported visible improvement in fine lines, wrinkles and skin tone. Reduction of fine lines: 75 % of the subjects rated their improvement between 3 and 5 (on a scale of 5) over the ten week treatment cycle.
  • Reduction of crow’s-feet: 66.6% of the subjects rated their improvement between 3 and 5 (on a scale of 5) over the ten week treatment cycle.
  • Improvement in skin tone: 91.6% of the subjects rated their improvement between 3 and 5 (on a scale of 5) over the ten week treatment cycle.
  • Overall skin condition: 91.6% of the subjects rated their improvement between 3 and 5 (on a scale of 5) over the ten week treatment cycle.
Images and data shown are collected from actual results and participants. Individual results may vary based on usage, skin type and other factors. All data and images shown are protected under copyright law and any reproduction and or use without express written consent from LED Technologies, Inc is strictly prohibited. 


Frequently Asked Questions...

How often and how long should I use the dpl® Nüve Handheld?
The dpl® Nüve Handheld is designed to run for twenty (20) minutes and will automatically shut off. Can be used multiple times a day, just do not use longer than 40 consecutive minutes. When using the dpl® Nüve Handheld for pain applications it is recommended to use the system for 14 minutes (per area) two (2) times per day. When using the dpl® Nüve Handheld for skin care (beauty) applications it is recommended to use the system for three (3) minutes on each area.

How do I use the dpl®Nüve Handheld?
When you receive your dpl® Nüve Handheld you will take it out of the box insert the head onto the dpl® Nüve handle. Please be sure to line up the notches (small notch at the top of the handle) twist (turn) the head to the right to lock in place. Insert the power supply (checking to make sure that there is a green light on the power supply) and push the “on” button (located on the front of the handle).“ All of this needs to be deleted for the devices that have removable heads have been replaced by a new model. You could add, “ When the device is turned on, hold to the place of desired treatment for the time specified with your device. 

For pain applications it is recommended to use the system for 14 minutes (per area) two (2) times per day.
For skin care (beauty) applications it is recommended to use the system for three (3) minutes on each area.

Be sure to use the device with proper ventilation so that the device does not over heat or cause the operator to feel any undesired warmth.

How long will it be before I have results using the dpl® Nüve Handheld?
For pain applications ~ depending on the pain and application could possibly feel relief immediately or after a few treatments. For deeper pain symptoms may require several dpl® Nüve treatments before seeing/feeling results.
For skin care applications ~ Everyone’s skin is different and the results that are achieved will also vary based on each individual. Some will feel and see results after 3 to 4 dpl® Nüve treatments others will take possibly 10 weeks before feeling or seeing results. Several variables come into play age, skin type, sun damage and other sins of the past.  Several report that the will feel a tingling on their skin, a slight warmth on their skin but overall completely enjoy this mini spa treatment.
Users will start seeing the overall skin condition improve, skin texture improvement, reduction of crow’s feet, reduction of fine lines and the reduction of pores.  Because treatments are progressive, we recommend dpl® Nüve treatments for at least ten (10) weeks, for best results.

Does the dpl® Nüve Handheld work for everyone?
Infrared therapy is proven to work on all skin types.  For pain applications most everyone will feel comfort and improvement when using the system.  For skin care (beauty) applications: Based on LED Technologies, Inc own ten (10) week Clinical Study 100% of the participants saw improvement between 3 to 5 of the following areas Reduction of pores, Reduction of fine lines,
Reduction of crow’s feet, Improvement of skin tone, Reduction of brown spots, Improvement of skin texture & Overall skin condition.  Improvements from individuals who (1) have had sever sun damage to the skin, (2) are or have been smokers, and (3)have very thin skin may take longer.

Can the dpl® Nüve Handheld hurt my eyes?
No studies have been found to show any harmful effects to the eyes when using infrared therapy.  It is recommended that the eyes are closed while using the system at all times. Never look directly at the lights when the system is turned on.

Why can I not see all the lights LEDs light up when the dpl® Nüve Handheld is turned on?
The primary head that comes with the dpl® Nüve Handheld has 60 LEDs (56 880nm Infrared, 4 660nm Red LEDs).  You will be able to see the four (4) Red LEDs when the system is turned on….the infrared is also on and working but not visible to the human eye.  Some cell phones, digital cameras or camcorders are able to pick up the infrared LEDs when using them to view the lights on the head of the handheld.

Can the dpl® Nüve Handheld be used with other skin care products?
For Pain Applications: Yes, the dpl® Nüve Handheld can be used alone or with the use of pain cream products .  Avoid products containing heat activated ingredients while using the dpl® Nüve Handheld. It is recommended to use such products after your dpl® Nüve Handheld treatment.
For skin care (beauty) applications: Yes, the dpl® Nüve Handheld can be used alone or with the use of skin care products such as peptides and hyaluronic acids. Many skin care professionals and estheticians have found that by combining the dpl® Therapy System with peptides or hyaluronic acid they are able to achieve maximum results. The use of the dpl® Nüve Hanheld in combination with these products will give you those same results.  Avoid products containing retin while using the dpl® Nüve Handheld . It is recommended to use such products after your dpl® Nüve Handheld treatment.

What will I notice during and after treatment?
1. Different sensations are possible with use of the system depending on the individual.
2. You may feel warmth sensations.
3. You may experience the relief of pain.
4. You may have a greater range of motion.
5. You may feel a calming or soothing effect.

When will I feel better or see some positive results?
It is important to remember that we are all unique; no two people are the same. Factors such as age, sex, level of fitness and various physical conditions can affect how quickly your system can help. In cases where your condition has lasted for many years (chronic) it may take longer to notice a benefit because so many areas may need the therapeutic benefits of the dpl®™ system.

How often can I use the dpl®™ System?
We recommend at least one (1) daily treatment, however multiple treatments can be done in a day. Follow the recommended treatment time for your specific device. Many of our devices have different treatment times, please reference your user’s manual for the treatment time for your specific device.

Can the dpl®™ Therapy System help my (insert your problem)?
dpl®™ Therapy can be used for the treatment of chronic pain by emitting energy in the Near-IR spectrum for the temporary relief of minor muscle and joint pain; arthritis and muscle spasm; relieving stiffness; promoting relaxation of muscle tissue; and temporarily increase local blood circulation where applied.

How close to the skin should I hold the dpl®™ System?
For best results the dpl®™ should be as close to the skin as possible, the outside plastic of the panels can even touch the skin. Center the panel(s) to the main area of pain for maximum effectiveness.

I have arthritis in my hands. Will I be able to use the system?
The dpl®™ System is designed with the arthritis sufferer in mind and can easily be used on the stand for your hands. The device is also lightweight and easy to hold.

I have used my system for a couple of days - why am I still hurting?
Keep in mind that this system serves as therapy for minor muscle, joint and arthritic discomfort; it is not a miracle drug or pain killer. The system is not intended to replace any current medication prescribed by your physician. Always consult your physician if the pain persists or intensifies. This may be a symptom of other conditions needing immediate attention.

Does it work through clothes?
Some materials can prohibit the system from delivering the treatment most effectively. If possible, use without clothes on the treatment area.