What people are saying about GinzTonix® skin care products:​

“GinzTonix® Sunburst is the best natural deodorant !! I smell awesome all day, my skin feels SO much better, and it’s 100%natural …Amazing!!!! ” ~ Nicole 

"I bought your GinzTonix Vanilla natural deodorant & I LOVE IT! Not to get personal BUT I am not a deodorant wearing woman. For one I don't perspire much & two..I hate the feel, smell & mess of regular deodorants! That being said, I used yours last night and it was great! No sticky or heavy feel, soft fragrant smell and no mess! Thank you ! All I can say is I will be using your deodorant!!" ~Michelle

"Best stuff I've ever used for my hair, skin and face. Not only has my hair become extremely soft, but it's noticeably healthier. Finally, after years of trying expensive salon grade products that never actually "healed" my hair or made it less frizzy; I've come across coconut oil based products, that has improved my skin and hair. Virginia OBrien introduced me to her homemade, organic, natural body oils. The oils are blended with a coconut oil base, which have a number of beneficial properties. My acne breakouts have decreased remarkably, due to the anti fungal and anti microbial traits of the coconut oil. You would think that applying an oil to your face would cause more breakouts and blackheads, but since is has those anti microbial agents, it makes your hair and skin pretty much flawless. GinzTonix Sunburst body oil smells delicious and it's perfect for the summer. While it also contains mica, a mineral that leaves a glowing shimmer on your skin. I recommend it to anyone thats hoping to improve dry, damaged hair or skin problems with a natural approach. Not only does GinzTonix offer products for women, but for men as well. Check out the coconutoil based body oils, lips balms, deodorants and other products GinzTonix has to offer." ~Seana D.

"The products are AMAZING, clean, green, and smell delicious! I use my GinzTonix Deodorant (Best Natural Deodorant I have ever used) and HOPE balm EVERYDAY, and the TALC-FREE baby powder on every client after a haircut as a healthier option for them!" ~Victoria 

" LOVE Gintonix shimmering oil!! Great Products!! My skin is so smooth & hydrated!!" ~Nicole

What people are saying about using dpl® Light Therapy:

​"My husband has been using the dpl® Light Therapy on his big toe twice a day for 2 months. His severe arthritic pain is TOTALLY GONE now and he doesn't need to take any pain pills. It took about 1&1/2 month to get there but he never quit because he felt some immediate relief. He does not want to stop using it in case it comes back. You know it works if a man is using it LOL!! ~Kaly Sophie White 

"I have been using the dpl® Light Therapy for two months and I almost forget what the days were like before I found this non invasive pain management therapy. I have low back pain and sciatica. Stairs and getting in and out of my car was painful. And trying to roll over in bed was so painful I slept with a pillow between my knees. Today I am 90 % pain free and doing everything I wish to do. Just 40 mins. with the belt each morning and I'm ready for the day. I've hosted home parties for family to introduce them and they are have much success also. Thank you Ginnie for bring this to our community." ~Karen White 

I'm so happy for Barbara that she is getting such great results with her healing combination of my dpl® light therapy & her oils!! "Well I Can say FOR SURE that the dpl® Light energy belt and essential oils are working my prayers have been answered from all of you!! The cysts are shrinking I am so happy to hear that they don't have to do no drainage I had a CT SCAN yesterday and the doctors told me that my cysts are shrinking so I am so happy that they don't have to got thru my body to drain them. But they still have to be given food thru my pic central line they put into give my stomach a rest from food going thru my pancreas. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers keep it coming! I am praying for all the people in the hospital to get better! ~Barbara Cook 

"Hi Ginnie! Yes I can sleep at nite without pain in my legs! I am getting better at walking with no pain! And all I can say is the dpl® Flex does work! So people out there with needless pain give the light therapy a try !!!! Thanks again!!" ~Juanita 

"I was experiencing a great deal of pain many years. My lower back pain was caused by an injury that resulted in a pinched nerve. I had tried various treatments which include physical therapy, chiropractor, narcotics, anti inflammatory’s all to help handle the pain The pain was so severe it kept me from work, simple activities. I also endured several trips to the emergency room. I found very little relief even to stand was a challenge and walking was unbearable. About 5 months ago a friend brought me to meet Ginnie. I was then offered to sit, relax and Ginnie handed me the dpl l®ight system. After the first treatment that was about 17 minutes I was able to stand up with ease. After another 17 minute treatment I was able to walk upright with minimal pain!! Since then I have used the dpl® light system on a daily basis. I am very grateful for the day my friend brought me to Ginnie and the light!! This product has improved my life tremendously…" ~Ivette 

"I love my new dpl® light machine. My knee pain was unbearable. There's no cartilage left and it bone on bone and arthritis in both knees. getting up in the morning and simply activities is painful. after just a week i can feel the difference! I can get up and move in the mornings now. i use it everyday and think after a month or so its only going to get better! on to of it the pores in my face are smaller and skin is tighter. I would recommend this for anyone with joint pain and arthritis!! This machine has some many benefits and outweighs the cost! Thank you Ginnie! I love it! xo" ~Rachelle 

"I was introduced to the light over a month ago and began using it right away. I have been having low back pain that made it difficult to do my job. As a contractor, the work is tedious and my muscles ache, especially my back. Using the light, I noticed a 60% improvement in my back pain. It was an 8 on the pain scale of 0-10 and decreased down to a 2. I am definitely impressed. The light has allowed me to be much more functional. I also used to get frequent headaches, which sent me to the doctors. So I started using the light on my head and I have not had any more headaches since using the light. I would venture to say, I am definitely a believer in the dpl® Light System, as it has helped me tremendously. I will continue to use the light daily and tell my friends how it has helped me. Thank you for an awesome product that really works." ~Jeff 

"I started using the dpl® red light system 6 months ago. I have noticed tremendous results in the relief of pain and discomfort in my knees. Occasionally, I would limp if the pain was too great. Since using the dpl® lights, I have noticed increased flexibility and range of motion. As a 3rd degree black belt the demands on my knees have taken its toll. I’ve had bilateral knee scopes and did not want a second procedure. So when Ginnie introduced me to the dpl® red light system I found great relief from the pain and discomfort and was able to get back in the gym and continue my martial arts training ! I am now training for 4TH DEGREE. In addition, I am a Registered Nurse, and I injured my back during patient care. I used the dpl® on my back and in less than a week I had no pain or discomfort. Truly remarkable results since my job is so physical. I am truly grateful for dpl® system. My teenage son hurt his back on the trampoline and we applied the lights, which helped him alone achieve relief. This is a product safe and effective for the whole family to use.In addition, I found using it on my skin is very therapeutic and have gotten lots of complements on my complexion. I will continue to use my lights on a regular basis. Thank You Ginnie for sharing your knowledge and expertise! ~Linda 

"First these really work. I was facing a fourth surgery on my left knee and tried these lights at Ginnie’s store and it worked. It also saved my job as I was facing termination if I ultimately had the surgery. Now since I have been using the lights it’s been great. Words can’t express how great I feel as now I can keep my job, it’s awesome. Plus I had chronic head aches for five years and yes you guessed it, no headaches. I can’t express how happy I am. I use them on my head once daily and that’s all it takes it’s just simple and awesome if you have pain of any kind you must try them. Plus the best thing was i had to use use no pain killers and yes you read right no pills. Plus it has helped my my wife who has chronic pain head to toe and it helps her as well as my whole family, truly amazing." ~Lonnie 

"Thanks, Ginny for bringing me to the Light (dpl®) With one session, the pain in my feet (bunions) was gone. I purchased the unit to use in my home and it has helped my mom's arthritis pain. Check out the website now to see more benefits for your health!!" ~Val 

"I just purchased the dpl® light therapy wand. I purchased based on immediate results. Ginnie placed the light therapy wand on a swollen joint for nine minutes. I had an 75% reduction in pain just from that short treatment. I can not wait to get this product. Thank you Ginnie for rescuing me!!" ~Sandy